Everyday Creativity: A Community Conversation

November 12, 10:00am - 3:00pm

The Torrance Center presents a mini-conference event, “Everyday Creativity: A Community Conversation," focused on the unique benefits of everyday creativity. Join the conversation—artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs from the local and regional community will share their insights on the whys and hows of the practice of everyday creativity. This event is free and open to the public.

Featured speakers:
Cal Clements attended art school at UGA in the mid-1980s before going on to study comparative literature and other pursuits. In “What Works for Me—Abhyasa in Clay,” attendees will pinch clay, look at slides, think of happy memories, and talk about maintaining inspiration in a world gone mad. Additionally, Clements will introduce concepts that help him in his studio practice.

HyunJoo Oh is an assistant professor with a joint appointment in the Schools of Industrial Design and Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. In “Creative Learning Through Expressive Making,” Oh will present her teaching and research projects that engage a broad range of designers from the K-12 community to university students for their learning through exploratory and expressive making processes.

Jason Matherly lives in Athens, Georgia, and divides his time between family, art, and working as coordinator of the University of Georgia’s Curriculum Materials Library. In “Margin-Work: Creating Spaces for Creative Practice Speaker,” Matherly will discuss ways he has cultivated and maintained a strong artistic practice by finding creative opportunities in the “margins” of everyday life. 

Serra Jaggar has been at the forefront of the modern craft movement since opening her first handmade-only shop in 2002. In “When Your Hobby Becomes Your Career: How Creative Entrepreneurship Became the American Dream,” Jaggar will explore how the modern-day craft renaissance and personal aesthetics combined with the American entrepreneurial spirit to create an explosion of creatives in the business sector. 

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