The Lupin Reading Room is a small library dedicated to furthering the conversations happening in the Athenaeum’s galleries. It houses a rotating collection of books and periodicals pursuant to the exhibitions on display as well as a permanent collection of Artists’ Recordworks and a listening station. The reading room is open to the public whenever the Athenaeum is.
Since the 1960’s some visual artists have been experimenting with the medium of the vinyl record, whether creating records, record-covers, or record-objects. Sometimes these recordworks serve to document sound or performances, sometimes the object itself becomes a visual artwork, and sometimes the artist collaborates on the visual aspects of the record: the cover, the inserts, the vinyl itself. A small but growing collection of these recordworks is permanently housed in the Lupin Reading Room. A natural fit given Athens’s musical history, our collection spans the 1960’s to the present day. These unique works of art are interactive by nature and you are encouraged to spin a record or two during your visit!

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