Screen Time: Casie LeGette

November 11, 12:30pm

The humanities faculty at UGA are piloting a new series on campus featuring accessible talks about TV shows: Screen Time with Your Humanities Professors. The series highlights the sorts of questions and analytical modes that are characteristic of humanistic thinking, while making connections through mutual interests in pop culture. It's an a.v.-club-slash-humanities spin on UGA’s motto, Et docere et rerum exquirere causas. Talks are about 30 minutes long, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Free lunch, students of all majors welcome.

Why is Everybody Bingeing Bridgerton?

When Season 1 of Bridgerton debuted in December 2020, it became the most-watched English-language series on Netflix ever — and when Season 2 premiered in March 2022, the show broke its own record. In this talk, Professor Casie LeGette will think about some reasons for the show’s huge popularity, paying particular attention to the way it made a "fan-fiction" version of Regency England available and accessible to non-white viewers.

Casie LeGette is Associate Professor of English at UGA. She’s a specialist in Romantic Literature, and her courses range from Jane Austen to poetry to British literature across the Empire.

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