Screen Time: Mi-Ryong Shim

January 20, 12:30pm

The humanities faculty at UGA are piloting a new series on campus featuring accessible talks about TV shows: Screen Time with Your Humanities Professors. The series highlights the sorts of questions and analytical modes that are characteristic of humanistic thinking, while making connections through mutual interests in pop culture. It's an a.v.-club-slash-humanities spin on UGA’s motto, Et docere et rerum exquirere causas. Talks are about 30 minutes long, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Free lunch, students of all majors welcome.

How did Crash Landing on You glamorize North Korea?
In the global hit South Korean drama Crash Landing on You, a South Korean heiress finds her true love after a paragliding accident drops her in North Korea. In this talk, Professor Mi-Ryong Shim explores how South Korean romantic dramas appeal to their audiences through the mode of overindulgence and how Crash Landing on You manages to stage the pleasures of visual and melodramatic excess even in the unlikeliest of settings. This event is part of Screen Time with Your Humanities Professors, a series that investigates pop culture in surprising and revealing ways.

Mi-Ryong Shim is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies. She’s an expert on Korean literature, film, and visual culture and teaches a wide range of courses at UGA related to Korea and East Asia.

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